Developing and delivering new and innovative services

Inspire is a Mental Health Consortium made up of 8 partner organisations.

The Partners have come together, having been commissioned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to create and deliver a new and innovative range of Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services across the Borough.

Our Belief

The Inspire Consortium believe that mental health services should consult and involve local people to provide integrated services that promote good public health and wider social effect.

Our Aim

The aim of the Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services is to improve the  wellbeing and Mental Health of people living in Tower Hamlets. 

The services that we deliver will help to ensure change is made so that through practical problem solving and both short and longer terms support planning peoples lives improve.  People that use our services will have access to positive social, educational and personal development opportunities.  They will also have the chance to access highly valued vocational work opportunities in line with their own personal goals.