Inspire Mental Health Consortium joined forces with local employment and training services at The Brady Centre, on the 5th March to run an Employment Event for people with lived experience of mental health.

The event was organised by Inspire’s, Co-Production and Involvement Service which aims to give a voice to mental health service users across Tower Hamlets.

In addition to people that use mental health services there were many Health Professionals in attendance looking to add to their own knowledge and understanding about the barriers to employment for people living with mental illness.

On the day there was a talk from a Department Of Work and Pensions (DWP) representative advising participants about changes to the benefits system. In particular they covered myths about the Universal Credit system that is being introduced across the country in the coming months.

Other organisations such as ‘Compass Wellbeing’ and ‘Expect the Best’ were able to give inspirational talks to encourage people to take part in workshops and training to boost their confidence after a period of ill-health.

People also heard directly from two service users who shared their personal recovery journeys and how with support from Inspire Services they are on track to move back into employment and training.

Feedback from the Event was really positive with many participants thankful to be able to attend after the recent bout of bad weather!