Hear Rafiqul Alam’s story in his own words of how taking part in the Sew and Support Project is helping him manage his mental wellbeing.

“It has been excruciatingly hard for the past few months dealing with my condition and surviving with no money.

Last week I came in to the Sew & Support project. I was feeling strong, ok and really happy to be back after a period of absence.

Learning to use the embroidery machine was exciting. I felt ready to take on the challenge and felt I was being useful. I hope to learn how to use the machine so I can contribute a lot more to the project.

I was willing and capable of learning and did so so quickly thanks to a great teacher Arif.

Arif taught me step by step, first he told me to observe and showed me all the steps clearly and concisely. Thereafter he gave me the chance to do it myself whilst he observed, when I was unsure he reminded me.

After that he told me which letters to do for the lavender pouches and I was able to complete the task without supervision, Arif was happy with the work I’ve done and complemented me for doing so well.

So taking a part in the Sew & Support project has helped me because I felt good and that feeling got stronger as the day progressed. I had a great teacher who supported and taught me very well, helping me to learn new skills quickly.

Finally it’s great to be back and taking part. I have high hopes that by continuing to attend the Sew & Support Project I will attain great strength to help me combat my mental illness.”

Sew & Support is part of the Inspire Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services in Tower Hamlets.

If you would like to find out more about the Sew & Support Project call Arif Miah on:0207 247 1910