Quality, flexible services that have positive impact on wellbeing

The Inspire Mental Health Consortium partners have a history of delivering quality, flexible and meaningful Mental Health Services that have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing.

All Partners have been working in Tower Hamlets for many years, although the new Inspire Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services, are the first time they have been given the chance to  work collaboratively.

The full range of services that the Inspire Consortium will offer from January 2017, have been developed in direct response to the needs of the local community in Tower Hamlets.  These services  will continue to evolve and develop based on feedback from Service Users and other stakeholders for the duration of the Inspire contract.

The Inspire Consortium welcomes feedback and comment from the people that we engage with.  Please do Contact Us if you have something to say or wish to share your experience of using our services.

DOWNLOAD the Service Overview Brochure HERE

Download the Vietnamese translation of the Brochure HERE