On Friday 21st June 2019, we celebrated three years of the Inspire Mental Health Consortium with  an event we called ‘Inspire in the Park’.

We welcomed organisations and their representatives from a broad range of services in the Borough including:

*The Inspire First Point of Access team

*The Mind Advocacy

*The Tower Hamlets Recovery College

*The GP Care Group

*The Legal Advice Centre

*The Service User Network (SUN) groups

*Tower Hamlets and Newham Mind

It was fair weather a great turn out of attendees and lots for people to participate in.

The People’s Portal, presented a sound healing session, consisting of different musical instruments including bells and gongs. Attendees were asked to close their eyes, relax and feel the sensations of the sounds, positively impacting on their wellbeing.

The facilitator of the ‘Muai Thai Boxing group demonstrated the sport of Muai Thai in a workshop on defence skills which everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed.  In addition there was a sample Yoga session, with exercises aiding controlled breathing techniques and a singing bowl to help the body relax.

At a Soulful Music session, various musical instruments such as drums, bongos, tambourine, symbols, maracas were played as people sat back and enjoyed the rhythm. Starting with a single beat additional sounds and instruments were added to build momentum and resonance.

Finally we showcased our achievements over the past three years and celebrated the contribution of our volunteers by presenting awards and certificates in appreciation of all their efforts.

The June 2019 listing for Involvement Opportunities in Tower Hamlets is now available for DOWNLOAD.

In this months edition you can find details of:

•How To: Join an Embroidery Workshops.

•Take a survey and be part of the Tower Hamlets Mental Health strategy.

•Healthwatch Volunteer opportunities in Tower Hamlets.

•SafeTalk Training.

•Employment and Training Opportunities and much, much more….

To download your copy of the full June listing CLICK HERE.

East London Foundation Trust aids the running of The Tower Hamlets Recovery College. The Recovery College is based in East London, and supports people in the community learn about mental health and explore various coping strategies, hereby supporting the recovery and wellbeing of people in Tower Hamlets. The East London Foundation’s Recovery College provides educational workshops and courses, which are designed and delivered by people with lived experience of mental health.  This includes people who are trained and work in mental health services. 

All the Recovery College’s courses are free of charge and are available to Tower Hamlets’; service users, carers, family, friends, staff and anyone with an interest in increasing their knowledge on mental health and recovery.

This Summer there are a variety of courses being offered, including some great new ones. At present, the courses that still have spaces available are as follows:

  • Getting into Volunteering
  • Tree of Life
  • Islam and Mental Health
  • Assertiveness & Confidence
  • New Courses: Art for Recovery, exercise and mental health
  • Dealing with Depression & Anxiety
  • Understanding Bipolar and Post-Natal Depression
  • Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

And so much more…….


See full Tower Hamlets Recovery College Prospectus below:

Discover for yourself, gain understanding and increase your awareness of mental health and wellbeing at the Recovery College in 2019.

 Download the Summer 2019 Prospectus HERE.

To book a place on any course or for further information on courses, please contact The Tower Hamlets Recovery College using the details below:

Book Online

Email: thrc@elft.nhs.uk 

Mobile: 0790 845 9239

Telephone: 0207 426 2332

The May 2019 listing for Involvement Opportunities in Tower Hamlets is now available for DOWNLOAD.

In this months edition you can find details of:

•The Maternity Voices Partnership in Tower Hamlets.

Healthwatch Volunteer opportunities in Tower Hamlets.

•Outpatient Services at the Royal London Hospital.

•Café for Dying Matters.

•Employment and Training Opportunities and much, much more….

To download your copy of the full May listing CLICK HERE.